Adorable Baby Doll Faces!

2 gorgeous ee Blonde Chocolate that carry Parti

            are available! Vet health checked and ready now to go home at 13 weeks of age! Info is on each picture as is their name to inquire or to purchase with!


Billy is expected at this time to be 5-6 pounds grown,

Price as a pet is $1,500 Price with AKC is $2,200

Max is expected at this time to be 4-5 pounds grown.

​Price as a pet is $2,200 Price with AKC is $3,000


Baby Doll FACE!

Ready to go home!     Vet Checked Healthy!

Handsome Chocolate Parti boy is available to a

non-breeding pet home. Charting approx. 3-.1/2 

to 4-1/2 pounds at this time.  Very nice

personality on this puppy! Outgoing and sweet!

​Price if neutered by 7 months is $1,900


Boy, Parti colored!​                    Ready to go home!

                      Vet Checked Healthy!

Very sweet! Looking for a loving outgoing sweetie?

Then​ here is your puppy! Approx.  4-2/3 to 5-1/4 pounds

grown by the growth chart. Nice for an active family! Neutered! 4-1/2 pounds, now!​ Mostly grown!

Price: $750 


Boy,  Chocolate Parti colored!     Ready to go home!

                        Vet Checked Healthy! 

Very nice puppy! Pretty coat and gorgeous face! 

Price: $1,700​         Neutered, pet home only!

New Pictures!   Small size approx. 4 to 5 pounds grown.



​Please fill out my puppy inquiry and indicate which puppy you are interested in please! Thank you!​​

​Please remember, the more details that you give me to determine if a puppy is suitable for your family saves time and I can help you better!

Please call/text: 

(402) 560-5896 (cell) to talk/text to Debra


 *Quality with Champion bloodlines!

*We have very few babies each year that we carefully plan for, last year we had only three litters! With this careful planning and care, you are sure to get a special puppy that you will truly love!

*These puppies are raised in our home from our loved, carefully chosen house pets! They are well started on puppy pad training / www.ugodog.net and will easily house break to outside! Played with and loved!  Treated as if we were going to keep them!

*Wonderful selection of colors from the Traditional Colors to the Rare Colors of:    Parti, Golds, Gold Parti, the born Blondes/Platinum Blondes and the ee Blonde/Platinum Blonde Partis plus Chocolate!

We ask that they go to Good Loving Forever homes only please! Thank you!


Repeat buyers, our Service Veterans and Ministers of God's Word, please ask for you discount


Please e-mail me or call if interested.
If you have contacted me in the past and are still interested in a puppy, please re-contact me, Thank you!

Cell 402-560-5896 (can text)

Our puppies are such a cutie pies and so loving and sweet, I just know someone will just simply love them!


My small hobby is run with years of experience in AKC
conformation shows, so Top Quality is very 
important to me!


Included with our puppies:

*ALL puppies/dogs sold as pets only! AKC registration: unlimited/limited registration/or no AKC           (We are picky, only the Best will be available with full AKC registration!) 

*Vet health Check up!

*Written health guarantee to one year of age on puppies!

*Their favorite toy goes with them (subject to airline approval) as well as food sample(s), list of what     they are are eating, vaccinations and other info including a Suggestion sheet with ideas on house     training/grooming/etc.

*Now featuring hand delivery to you at your nearest airport!!
    Starting at $350.00 to $700.00!!! When available, to most major USA airports! 

*Quality with Champion bloodlines.

We have a wonderful selection of colors from the Traditional to the     Rare Parti, Golds, Gold/Blonde Parti, ee Born Blondes/Platinum Blondes and something new,      
        Chocolate and Chocolate Parti!!! 

         ee Blonde Chocolate Partis!

* Raised with love and care!!!!


         Deposits accepted after the puppies are born only. (There are exceptions, please inquire, no set prices until puppies are old enough to price!.)

(Deposits hold your choice for you and I turn away other buyers that would have purchased that puppy. It is a sign of good faith that you are going to buy the puppy. If you find out that you cannot finish buying the puppy, please understand that deposits are non-refundable up to 50% of the price of the puppy. With my permission, I may allow the deposit in part or in full to be placed onto a different puppy. Please be fully aware of reasoning behind a deposit. Consider carefully your new addition to your family as it is costly to resell a puppy in both time and money and in hurt feelings.)


Please call Debra at  402-560-5896 (can text) or e-mail: debra3777@gmail.com

*Please fill out my inquiry questionnaire to help serve you better!
To place a deposit to hold your choice or to buy!
      *more information
      *to place a deposit to hold your choice
      *to buy your puppy


Puppy needs to be paid in full before going to his or her new home.   If we are meeting you or you wish to pick your new baby up and you wish to pay the balance then, we will accept cash only at time of pick up/delivery.

Up to one year of age health guarantee!

Written sales agreement!

We have each of our puppies Vet health checked prior to leaving our home to assure us that the puppy is healthy BEFORE you receive it!

We dna test through our Breed Club that we register with, the American Kennel Club!!!  We do not do 'breed' testing or guarantee any results from any tests other than the dna that is done through the AKC.
We go beyond the requirements that our Breed Club outlines in their dna program by
dna testing some of our girls!!!!

The AKC or The American Kennel Club does not guarantee
registration when we register our dogs/puppies/litters and the AKC will ask you to accept that condition when you
register your puppy if you are buying a puppy that comes with AKC registration.

Approx. sizes stated are guesses/size chart approx. and size is not guaranteed. ALL Yorkies are toy sized from 1-1//2 to 10+ pounds. Show sizes, which are ideal, are 4 to 7 pounds!
If size is super important to you, please buy an older puppy or adult at the size you want!

Please call Debra Sima at 402-560-5896 (can text to this number) or send me an e-mail to let me know which baby you want please before paying by paypal.

 *DNA Tested Sire and some Moms!


Repeat buyers, our Service Veterans and
Looking for a wonderful personality?  


Our puppies are so cute and sweet, I just know someone will just simply love them!


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Puppies for Sale

(pictures/text may not be viewable on a cell phone in correct order. Working on it!)

We have few puppies each year from 2-4 litters!

Exquisite Baby Doll Yorkies in rare colors! 

Dancing Parti Yorkie for Sale.com

My last litter of 2018

is old enough now to go home!

Pictures will soon be posted of them!

These are Charro's puppies

Parti Colored

that carry Chocolate and maybe e Blonde!

ALL are boys!

ALL will be tiny to small!

ALL will have very BABY DOLL faces!

Prices will vary from $1,500 to $3,000

if interested,

please state with AKC pricing (which is more) or will neuter pricing, approx. size range from 2.5 to 4.5  and your budget. Details of your family, personality interested in will help me decide if your home will be a good one for the puppy so the more details that you share, the better I can help you! ​​