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Exquisite Baby Doll Yorkies in rare colors! 

A few words about me

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Welcome to my website!

We take great pleasure in showcasing our small hobby of rare colored Yorkshire Terriers! 

I happen to love the sweet Baby Doll faces with the shorter muzzles, smaller hard to get ears and pretty eyes with good healthy bodies and wonderful personalities!

We take a  professional view of home raising 2-4 litters a year  to achieve our goal to maintain the rare AKC colors of the Yorkshire Terrier.

We sincerely hope that these colors can be shown in the future so we strive to get as close to the Standard as written for the breed as we can, including World Champions,  International Champions, double Champions and Champions in our pedigrees! 

 We enjoy ours so much that our goal is to enhance the unique quality and personality of every Yorkie puppy that we raise so that they are your much beloved pet!

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